Silverlake Symmetri’s solutions provide banks with a range of banking software that enables them to address their core banking, customer management, online banking, mobile banking and card management requirements.

Banks around the world are using the suite's componentised business solutions to help drive their customer service, retention and core operational strategies through improved visibility of customer relationships and increased front to back office efficiencies. The flexibility and functional breadth of these solutions helps banks to optimise the customer experience, improve operational efficiencies and excel through innovation, ensuring banks drive profitability and maintain compliance.



  • Silverlake Symmetri Core Banking
  • Silverlake Symmetri Customer Management Solution Suite
    • Silverlake Symmetri Concierge
    • Silverlake Symmetri Branch Delivery System
    • Silverlake Symmetri Direct Banking
  • Silverlake Symmetri Islamic Core Banking
  • Silverlake Symmetri Exposure Manager
  • Silverlake Symmetri Card Management Solution Suite

Silverlake Symmetri Core Banking

Silverlake Symmetri Core Banking solution is a universal banking system that provides comprehensive instrument and product coverage for deposits, retail and corporate lending, payments, trade finance and treasury management. One of the leading core banking solutions in the world today, Silverlake Symmetri Core Banking covers the entire spectrum of your bank’s business from retail to commercial banking.

In addition, Silverlake Symmetri Core Banking helps banks more readily redefine core banking to help manage growth.

Silverlake Symmetri offers multiple and flexible pricing and contracting engagement models thereby enabling broad spectrum of Financial Institutions (FIs) and banks i.e. tier-1 to tier-3 to realize savings on the total cost of ownership.

The Silverlake Symmetri Core Banking solution provides the following banking capabilities:

  • Collateral management
  • Limits management
  • General Ledger
  • Customer Management
  • Deposits
  • Consumer and corporate lending
  • Domestic and international payments
  • Trade Finance
  • Money Markets
  • Foreign Exchange

Silverlake Symmetri Customer Management Solution Suite

Silverlake Symmetri Customer Management is a suite of personal banking solutions helping banks resolve the dichotomy between fulfilling clients' demands for an enhanced experience with their own need to optimise these relationships for higher risk-adjusted profitability.

Silverlake Symmetri Customer Management helps you create more profitable customer relationships by balancing the client's growing demands for a convenient, individualised and value-for-money experience with your desire for higher levels of sales generation and optimised interactions. You can respond quickly to changing business conditions, market regulations and evolving client needs. Silverlake Symmetri Customer Management leverages business process management (BPM) and business activity monitoring (BAM) to help you establish standards, automate tasks and processes, and distribute work across all business channels.

Silverlake Symmetri Concierge

Silverlake Symmetri Concierge solution helps remove the traditional physical barrier of the teller counter to provide a more personalised service and deepen customer relationships. With Silverlake Symmetri Concierge, banks can utilise tablet devices to provide staff with real-time access to the bank’s transaction processing system, helping them better serve and engage with clients when they are away from the counter.

Deployed on iPads and tablets, Silverlake Symmetri Concierge is a multi-mode online banking solution. You can flexibly switch between modes, depending on who is using the tablet:

  • Customer mode - This mode integrates with Silverlake Symmetri Direct Banking, an online and mobile banking platform.
  • Information mode – use the device as an interactive product and information catalogue that can be integrated with your marketing campaigns
  • Staff mode – service a range of financial and non-financial requests, including advice on new products, outstanding requests and appointments. The tablet application automatically prompts staff to perform daily "morning drills" to improve their product knowledge and ensure that they stay current with the latest offerings and relevant promotions.

Silverlake Symmetri Branch Delivery System

Silverlake Symmetri Branch Delivery System provides banks with an integrated, centralised solution for customer relationship management (CRM) and branch banking services. It enables retail banks to create more profitable relationships and guide customer interactions to improve sales generation. The solution provides a complete customer and account serving proposition for retail banks which enhances staff effectiveness, monitors and optimises operational performance and improves compliance and control through process driven systems.

Silverlake Symmetri Branch Delivery System helps banks raise their service standards across multiple channels and create more profitable customer relationships by:

  • Enhancing the customer experience – ensuring cross-channel consistency, putting the customer at the center of all processes and enabling customers to enjoy personal, efficient and secure service.
  • Generating sales and growth – providing a holistic 360-degree view of each customer that empowers staff to make appropriate product recommendations, while ensuring smooth sales processes.

The solution suite consists of the following two components:

  • Silverlake Symmetri Customer Service Platform helps banks deliver a superior banking experience. It can help you rebuild trust with customers and establish a reputation for best-in-class service standards. Providing staff with a single, accurate 360-degree view of customer relationships will increase customers’ confidence that they are dealing with knowledgeable, trustworthy and credible professionals.
  • Silverlake Symmetri Branch Teller Platform is a branch solution that helps bank tellers better serve clients and carry out over-the-counter cash and non-cash transactions quickly and efficiently. It also provides vault and cash management capabilities for the branch.

Silverlake Symmetri Direct Banking

Silverlake Symmetri Direct Banking is an ‘always on, always connected, always with you’ Internet banking solution platform that helps banks provide customers with banking services via the web, mobile or tablet. It helps banks adapt to a new generation of consumer behaviour and enhance the total customer experience by providing personal financial planning (PFM) tools, out-of-the box integration with social media platforms, and business process management (BPM) capabilities that traverse channels.

Silverlake Symmetri Direct Banking helps you:

  • Capitalise on increasing mobility – provide a service to your customers that is always with them
  • Adapt to a new generation of consumer behaviour – use Silverlake Symmetri Direct Banking's tools and integration with social media platforms to create a personalised and valued experience for your customers
  • Enhance the total customer experience – provide a user-friendly customer experience through an intuitive and customisable user interface while leveraging the BPM engine to implement more efficient processes that traverse channels and thereby enhance customer service

Silverlake Symmetri Islamic Core Banking

The driving force behind Islamic banking is increased access to funds and convenient services offered by Islamic financial institutions which traditionally were perceived to be provided by conventional lending institutions.Islamic banks therefore need to ensure they are meeting the standards and expectations of the rapidly evolving new generation of consumers. In this context, both Islamic and conventional banks need to differentiate themselves to stay competitive and ensure profitability and growth.

Silverlake Symmetri Islamic Core Banking solution offers a state of the art core banking platform that supports comprehensive products based on Sharia’h compliance contracts for retail customers’ investment and financing needs.

Silverlake Symmetri Exposure Manager

Silverlake Symmetri Exposure Manager gives banks a comprehensive, real-time solution for collateral and limits management across the enterprise. The solution suite can be integrated with existing core banking, trade finance and treasury systems for up-to-the-minute valuation of collateral assets and continual monitoring of internal and external credit limits across products and complex company structures.

Covering a wide range of asset classes and valuation methods, and offering superior reporting capabilities, Silverlake Symmetri Exposure Manager provides a centralised, holistic view of exposure to risk. It enables banks to meet current regulatory and market challenges by helping them to:

  • Minimise capital requirements
    Manage collateral and risk weighted assets (RWAs) more effectively and mitigate credit risk in line with regulation.
  • Control exposure risk
    Use multiple asset valuation methods and a real-time, multi-currency, multi-hierarchy limits management system across all business lines.
  • Increase operational efficiency
    Centralise asset administration and pledge management, simulate collateral valuation, and build in automated alerts and approval processes for limits management.

Silverlake Symmetri Exposure Manager solution suite consists of the following components:

  • Silverlake Symmetri Collateral Management provides a comprehensive, real-time collateral management system, with capabilities for centralised asset administration and pledge management, multiple asset valuation methods and data capture across all asset classes. For real-time, management-level insight into risk exposure, the solution will integrate with and accept collateral data from all banking systems, including core banking, trade finance and loan origination.
  • Silverlake Symmetri Limits Management provides an enterprise-wide, real-time, multi-currency, multi-hierarchy limits management system. Through the solution, banks can monitor limits for customers and internal business lines, set automated alerts for different thresholds and set up their own limits approval processes.

Silverlake Symmetri Card Management Solution Suite

With card payments continuing to grow globally at a rapid pace, payments and transactions have become second nature to consumers. As a result, the global cards market is now growing faster than ever, presenting financial institutions with a range of opportunities and challenges.

There are 4 key market trends driving card management:

  • Attract and retain today’s demanding customer
  • Increase market share and reduce time to market
  • Improve profitability
  • Prevent fraud

Silverlake Symmetri can help.

Silverlake Symmetri Card Management solution suite includes universal card, ATM management and 3D secure systems, designed to help both card-acquiring and card-issuing banks run efficient, flexible, secure operations. With our solution suite, banks can meet customer demands for new services and increase market share more rapidly, while improving cross-selling and up-selling to drive loyalty and profitability. The solution suite also enables banks to ensure regulatory compliance with ease and reduce fraud and risk.

The solution suite includes the following components:

  • Silverlake Symmetri OmniCard is 24/7 multi-card management system that is also a highly automated, parameter-driven card and merchant management system. Providing high levels of flexibility in terms of application structure, product definition and pricing, the solution’s scalable technical architecture supports card business strategies and offers a superior customer-centric design. It is workflow-enabled and with its case management tool provides easy access for smooth, efficient and fast resolution of operations management.
  • Silverlake Symmetri ATM Manager is a comprehensive ATM network management solution that enables banks to provide 24/7 ATM network services as well as launching new products and services rapidly to support marketing campaigns. The solution also allows bank customers to perform a vast range of transactions through the ATM going beyond simply the fundamental requirements.
  • Silverlake Symmetri 3D Protect facilitates a bank to leverage on the growing volume of online transactions on the Internet by providing an extra level of protection for both cardholders and merchants. The merchant will benefit from a payment guarantee, regardless of the status of the issuer and the issuing bank can protect their cardholders from fraud and chargeback rights. A cost-effective and best of breed payment authentication solution for the e-commerce issuer and acquirer payment processing business.